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All governors in their proper places

The speed-limiting governor is an electronic component; everybody refers to them as chips, and they may actually be computer chips (I don't know enough to say). But they're in a small computer full of read-only circuitry that controls the combustion & operating limits of your engine; you'll find those things encased in plain silvery metal (steel or aluminum, I'm not sure which), located in the passenger compartment either between the seats as far forward as you can go toward the firewall, or behind the driver's kick panel. You can buy upgrade chips from speed shops (online or in person) if you want to exceed your car's design limits that badly. But be forewarned: pushing your car that hard can have destructive results. Running modified has its price.

I found out when my car had about 15,000 miles on it (and I figured it was properly broken in) that the governor limited its top speed to 117 mph according to the speedometer. The engine was alarmingly loud at that speed. I've rarely had reason to exceed 80 mph since then.

The transmission governor, of course, is in the transmission--and I have some questions about it:

1. Before the old gear cashed it in, had you been getting rough (kind of jerky & bucking) shifts out of first at real low speeds? I'm having that problem--but only at real low speeds, like when the transmission is deciding whether to coast or not.

2. Did you replace the old nylon gear with another nylon job? I've read that you can use a brass replacement if you like, but I'm not sure about the merits of both types of gears, and I'm not sure where to get the gears (either nylon or brass).

3. These broken pieces you described: Were they in a position where they could've caused bad problems? Because even if a brass gear will strip easier than a steel one, I wonder how badly I'd want little hunks & strips of brass roaming around inside my transmission case.


oldacura said:
I got it figured out last night. The broken pieces of the old nylon gear were still in the transmission. I couldn't see them because of the trans fluid. I drained the fluid, saw the pieces & fished them out.

This particular govenor monitors the engine speed and allows the transmission to upshift. If the gear is broken, the trans won't get out of 1st gear.

The governor that you are talking about limits the top speed of the car. I don't know where that one is.
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