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Yeah, my sentra is won't switch out of first (automatic), trying to change out the govenor cap and I am having a hell of a time. Anyone got any advice or tips for getting it off? Thanks.

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I remember doing this about a year ago. Mine was super tough. Took the snap ring out and couldn't get it to budge. I may have accidentally done something to not help it.. but
try twisting it if you can.. I wonder if there is a special tool? Or if there is a trick where maybe you could shrink the rubber ring (seal) inside?

Anyway I was convinced mine wouldn't come out naturally so I ended up destroying mine, drilled a hole in it just deep enough to penetrate it and get a screw driver into it and pry it out... I'm thinking if all else fails, drill a tiny hole into it and use a small dent puller.

I haven't done it in a while, but I would say try twisting it if you can, maybe that would
help loosen the rubber seal inside or wear it down or something.. twist it a lot if you can, and then try twisting it as you pull it up.. also try working it up like back and forth as you lift... or twist and lift..

If I had to do it again, I'd also consider putting and ice cube on the top to get the lid to contract... or doing it on a cold day or in the middle of the night when ti's cold, give
it a shot, maybe the metal won't be expanded and pushing against the lid.

I hate it when engineers design crap like this :| design ti to be easily fixed jerks! :)

hmm i wonder if some kind of oil filter wrench or strap wrench could help.. i
seem to recall the cap being kind of small and round where probably only channel locks could grab it.

whatever you do, do not try to use a hammer and screw driver and try to puncture
the lid.

Sorry can't be of more help. Also let other people try.. some people are just better
at some things... ya know.. give them instructions on what to do and not do, adn
don't do anything to push it in or deform it. If you are going to drill into t,
I repeat do not drill deep.. just as little as possible.
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