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Got my wheels on!

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I finally got my wheels on the car. Went through TONS of trouble too. Course I went with 17's. I took a lot of pictures on my dads digicam but had to leave his house to go to work in about an hour. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon though and am going to load them to a server and post them. Lets see...problems:

1) Lugs wouldn't fit. Had to buy tuner lugs. No big deal other than my dad went accross town to buy them because no one in MWC has them.

2) Had to take caps off of the wheel (the hub protector). Then we just took off this little ring from the center cap and it worked fine.

3) Had to buy wheel spacers. Not the safest I know, but the damn wheel was rubbing on the strut horribly. So we bought 1/4" spacers and thought it'd work. THEN...

4) Studs weren't long enough. So then we had to knock on the studs from the rear spindles and get longer studs. Then everything fit fine.

So in total, we made about 3-4 trips to Pep Boys. Spent another 75 bucks or so. But I was expecting a lot worse. Haven't got my adjustables yet, but it doesn't look THAT bad without the drop. Maybe 1 1/2 in the back and maybe 1 up front. That'll do it good. Took a corner pretty fast and hard and of course the rear fender lip rubbed the tire. My friend looked at me and almost paniced...but that's to some of you, I knew exactly what it was! Hopefully the adjustables will get here Monday and I'll be one happy camper. Wheels look great, totally changed the appearance of my car, and the handling. Talk about stick like glue. I love it. Well I'll post pics as soon as I can get back to my dad's house. Probably post a few of my friends 2000 R/T also...:D !!!
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Oh yeah, about the tuner lugs. This jackass picked out all the lugs for my dad (Also got lucks too). needed 12x1.25. This dumbass gives my dad 11 12x1.25 and ONE 12x1.5. Needless to say my dad is pretty pissed. When I go back tomorrow I'm gonna go get one more 12x1.25. Until then, I'm not going to drive my car much.
It sucks you came across all those problems... sounds like everything seems to be going well now... can't wait till you post pics of your ride.
Dude i've been thru all that shit before so i feel ya. That's one of the main reasons i purchased my current wheels/tires from Discount Tires Direct. Great service and prices, wheels/tires come mounted & balanced with the right lugs/locks and hub rings. All i had to do is bolt them on and drive lol...:)
I always read about how 17's affected performance. But to be honest with you, I don't notice any BAD losses. Handles like a totally different car, a lot softer of a ride (surprinsingly enough, I know you doubt it but it's true), A LOT less body roll, and accelerates the same. Everyone that looked at them before I put them on said they weren't really light for 17's. So I'm game. I'm going to try as hard as I can to get pics up tomorrow. I just got home from work and am dead beat tired. I need to paint my calipers and my rotor cap also. ALL is rusted to hell. I'll probably go with either Aluminum or Black high temp paint. My friend has some Aluminum so I'll probably try that out. Now, for my adjustables! I wonder why kind of problems I'm going to run in there! Geez. It looks a ton better though.
I gave up on my17x7's i did'nt even go through all that trouble i just handed my rims down to the wifey, now just searching for a hot pair of 16x7's, but all in all i like my stock rim soo much :D
In my last post above, I meant to put "WERE pretty light for 17's"...not weren't. My apologies. I bet that right there confused everyone, sure did confuse me?! Sorry guys, I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard!
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