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OhTwoAltimaSE said:
Did you get these? I was able to get my alignment into spec with the pro-kits. Did the sportlines give you trouble?
Yes, my mechanic/friend gave me a set for free (hook-up). He
said that without them it was impossible to adjust the camber
on the fronts.

Anyways, 'no' the Sportlines didn't give me any trouble with
alignment. Because they're lower than the Pro-Kits, I got
my alignment done twice. Once, the day after I got it
lowered and secondly, a month later after the car "settled."

The beauty of having your car aligned at Sears is that they'll
re-align it XXX amount of times for free within 6 months of the
initial alignment. You could take it in there every week if you
wanted to!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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