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are you looking for top of the line stuff or is it just for show and you just wanna get a tv or something?

Well you could go on ebay and look for the item you want. All that matters is how much you wanna spend.
I think everyone will agree that is one of the most popular websites with pretty big list of stuff for sale.
Another site for like cheap tvs and flip out tvs as well as headerest tvs, dvds, etc is
They sell flip out screens for very cheap comparing to all other Brand names.

Before you go shop on those sites like onlinecarstereo read their disclamers, some sites i've seen were selling items by top manufacturers but they were not authorized dealers. That is why they are selling the items for so much cheaper comparing to retail stores and other "authorized" websites.
I've gotten few items off of ebay such as dvd players for the car for like $99 and to my suprise they were working better than some of the Pioneer Premier DVD units. They played more different DVD and VCD as well as audio formats. I do not know about the cheap TVs cause i haven't gotten one, well i orderd on from ebay but it got stollen by somebody at from UPS so i ended up getting IconTV which ran me like $500 :( . Next time i will buy from , i've heard some good things from people on this forum about their products and they are not that expensive. I think you could get a flip out indash tv, motorized for like $250 or something. Which is a much better deal than buying a Pioneer flip out screen for close to $1000.
So just ask yourself if the brand name matters :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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