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okay, so i am going to buy this system for my 200sx, but before i do, can you guys tell me if the amp is sufficient enough to run the whole system. because the amp says only 400w for sub, but the sub is 1000w, im new to this audio thing, so i need a little help, also, is JBL a good company?? :thumbup: :thumbdwn:

This is the package i am going to get:
JBL GTO-755.6 6-channel 1100W amplifier (4x100W + 400W for sub)
JBL GT4-12 1000W subwoofer
12" sub-box
JBL GTO936e 300W 6x9 speakers
JBL GTO506ce components
Autoleads PC4-25 wiring kit
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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