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I recently acquired a 1986 Sentra last week that runs fine but has a few glitches (the speedometer, tachometer, and radio) Id like to fix. I've searched through the forums but nothing has exactly matched my problems.

The speedometer will at times give readings that are higher than the true speed of the car. For instance, the speedometer will read 40 - 60 mph in first gear and will peg by third at 105. However, at times the speedometer will give readings that are believable (though I not sure if it is fact working). Also, the speedometer has fluctuated between the states while the car was in motion The only pattern that I can deduce of the fluctuating state of the speedometer is that if the vehicle is parked on level ground it seems to cause it to work, as every time I have stopped at a gas station, the speedometer began to work.

The tachometer does not operate.

When I first investigated the radio, simply unplugging and plugging back in the wiring harness seemed to get the radio to work when the engine wasn't running. However, once the engine is started and the car moving, the radio will burst into static.

I have the Haynes manual and will be working on these tomorrow, and wanted to see if someone else experienced similar problems. I hope to at least got each the speedo or tach working I could use the readings from one to guess what the other would say.
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