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Hey People.

I have a bit of a strange question and I really would love an answ.
I've been all over the internet and cant find the answ! PLEASE HELP!

Well,to give some background,I have a N14 Sentra with a GA16DS motor and obviously (like most people) I want more power. Now I know the SR20 is the motor to swop in this body as it came with it,but it costs alot to do.

So, I was thinking (and this is my Q) does the GA16-series gearbox fit on the FWD CA18-series block?

If it does then I'll rather do the CA swop that the SR (which requires a gearbox,
side shafts, CV's ect. change) as I dont want monster power (I do track days and
gymkhana's only) for the racing I take part in.
I also read on the net that the E, GA and CA motors use the same mountings on the
block, so I think I can use my same engine mountigs?

If someone can confirm if the gearbox fits it would be brilliant,the
mountings isnt my biggest concern but if someone can confirm that it would be even

Oh yes, I know the E-series gearbox fits on the GA-series block (and visa versa, of
corse), so if someone can confirm if the E-series box fits the CA-series block that'll do as well.

Thank in advance guys.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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