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I have recently acquired a 2001 (P12 i think) Primera. It has its original gear knob and it needs replacing because the leather is wearing quite badly and the piece of plastic in the middle (which displays the gears) keeps popping out.

I bought a replacement a fortnight ago but it kept spinning around, the grubs weren't making it tight at all. It meant removing the standard knob, then the big metal thread, and fitting the new plastic ones.

What i would like to do is avoid all that by simply getting a knob that can be pushed over the existing thread in the same way as the current one does. I have looked on Amazon and eBay but they all seem to be using the plastic thread and thus requiring removing it all and fiddling with grubs etc again.

Does anyone know of good sites or outlets to get Primera gear knobs that can just fit over the existing hardware?
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