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Gear changing fault

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Having problems with my gearshift on my nissan Navara Outlaw 2013 with 3.0ltr V9X ENGINE AND GEARBOX

All automatic gears are working ok and showing position on the dashboard screen eg P,R,N,D but when i put it into Sport/Manual mode it does not engage and nothing shows on the dash screen, it should Show (Sm)

As in the workshop manual it says that the manual mode switch and the non manual mode switch (Auto) send an earth signal via micro switches mounted on the gear shift lever to the combination meter to determine the gear selection then the Combination meter sends a manual/non manual mode signal to the TCM Via CanBus to instruct it to stay in automatic or to go into Sport/Manual mode. then the TCM sends a signal Via CanBus to the meter display to show gearbox selection and gear number.

All switches on the gear selector lever have been tested and are switching correctly and the signal is reaching the multi plug that plugs into the back of the combination meter in dashboard.

OBD2 meter readings for the combination meter shows that the manual mode switch is signaling on and off but the non manual mode switch (Auto mode) is permanently switched on at the meters even though the signal from the gear shifter micro switch is breaking the circuit and you get the same reading if the multi plug is disconnected from the meter socket therefore the combination meter is trying to make the gear box go into Auto and Manual mode simultaneously without any external signal.

I have had the combination meter tested at an independent lab and it has come back as ok at time of testing ?

Any Ideas would be appreciated.
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