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QT Adjustable Link

QT link, what is QT link? I am pretty sure a lot of yall might have not heard about Scott Russel Link(SCL). Basically this link is locate on your rear axle(beam). This small piece of link(SCL) connects to( inside) laterial link( whatever u want to call) with rear axle(beam).
This small piece of metal actually is pretty useful, and believe me or not
this link can also work on following platforumsB15/B14/N16/N15/P11/A32/A33/A34
It designed for the cars that have been lowered.

So let me explain how this link work out on our car after lowering

1. Why QT displace after lowering the car?
2. The movement of QT Principle and the usage of V line.
3. How does QT principle movement prevent the car incline?

1.Why QT displace after lowering the car?

If you lower your car, the entire rear axles will extend out to the right hand side.
If we look at pic here, red line shows stock high, yellow line shows after lowering position.
So we use QT adjustable link to replace our SCL to extend out to left hand a little more.
Now it balance on both side.
Red shows stock high, Yellow shoes lowering positing


See the red line here, it shows a V line. When the car is braking or driving on uneven road& turning, the Green arrows will lift the car up.
By now V line will be flared-out, the2 side pivots fix; therefore have the upward resistance so the v line will line up equal. (before lowering)

From this pic you can see when the car makes right turn, body inclines because of the centrifugal force. The reverse strength( red arrows+blue arrows). This is how Nissan makes our car balance, and reduce the chances of inclining.

This QT adjustable link idea is alignment purpose+reduce rear axle jumping so much.
It is all depending on driver, and can be necessary or unnecessary mod.

The following pics show our rear axle(beam) extends out after we lower our car
Here is some measurement to adjust our car

Here is the guy's original post, 如何安裝 QT 偏位調整器 - 小郭,車庫,生活,夢.. - Yahoo!奇摩部落格

If anyone of you guy still have no clue, or wonder what hell my English doesn't make any sense let me know. I will do the best I can to help out.

Drums to Discs

A lot of you might question me you sure this work? Yes i am 100% sure, this product has been on more than hundreds sentra in Taiwan within at least past 4 years....

Pretty much the idea is

1. You rear wheels out
2. Your drums out
3. There will be four screws secure on your inner drum on each side
4.Take drums out, you will see hubs
5. take your hubs out put on your adapters (brackets)
6. Put everything back, don't forget your e-brake line cables

*some of our QG might not designed 100% perfectly on fitment so u might need 4 washers to extend out the rotors to clear the clearance between rotors and calipers gap. Chance is very rare just you guy know

Here is my dude's original post
B14 with 1.6L engine

These adapters( brackets) can also be using on b14, but the rotors need to be re-drill wholes
B14 341 Coupe 後鼓改碟煞 - 小郭,車庫,生活,夢.. - Yahoo!奇摩部落格

M1/180/N16/B15 no modification straight bolt on

QT 懸吊 鼓煞改跌煞 轉接座 - 小郭,車庫,生活,夢.. - Yahoo!奇摩部落格

I have all the how to just in some reason this site can not be connectied to Qg if you want i can send a link through email

Anyone who is interested in please let me know so I can get more through oversea
*QT Adjustable Link 100 shipped to 48 states
*Drums to Discs Brakets 120 shipped to 48 states
Other area please contact me
*If you buy QT adjustable Link and brackets get 10 dollars discount
*Any buyers who purchase the QT link and installle it
if you post a feedback you will get full 10 dollars rebate :D I will pay you back through paypal, my self will cover 3% fee.
*Mainly you have to post
1.How do you feel when first time u see this link in person? quaility?
2.How do you think about the installation?easy or hard or other opinion?
3.How do you think the ride quaility after and before difference?

Good or bad it doesn't matter, the more feedbacks the best we can improve
List Screen Name/ forum/ parts need
Your name/forum/ parts need

In stock:2 QT ADJUSTABLE LINKS, Brackets sold out
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