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Gauge question

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I put APC 194 blue bulbs behind my gauges which I think looks good now. They look better than stock.

Anyhow, there was a blue plastic that went over the OEM lights and was wondering if I should put that over the new blue ones?

I heard something about the APC bulbs being way stronger than stock and might melt something. Is this true??

What bulb numbers are the turn signals?? Im talking about inside the gauge cluster.
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no you dont have to put the "light bulb condom" back on. it was just there to give it that bluish color. as long as your bulbs are the same wattage as stock they should be fine. if they are just "blue colored" bulbs thats fine, but if its superwhite, they might melt something.
No, they are blue not superwhite. I wish they could be brighter though.
What bulb numbers are the turn signals?? Im talking about inside the gauge cluster.
so how did u have these bulbs purchased--was it online from APC or sum other way???? OH and are we talking stock gauges or aftermarket???

Just a little INFO please ;)
I bought them at Autostoned for about $6.50 for 4 APC blue bulbs. They are behind the stock gauges. The instructions that I got from said it would take about an hour. It was not an hour, I took more time going to the store and buying the bulbs than actually putting them in.
I just put the same things in today and everythings perfect to replace the stock so nothing will melt. i waz also wondering what the dome light is beczuse i bought the 4 pack of bulbs but the replacement waz too big
if the one's you got were too big then you need the smaller of the two bulbs. I think its 8x28mm, i could be wrong.
i think theyre 910 size, i got them in a 4 pack from Pepboys
910?? WTF!!
I thought so, I never even heard of 910.
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