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First post here but a long time visitor .. keep up the good work everyone..

so back to my issue

Sadly I am having a wee bit of bother with my new baby ..

It is a hard top nx coupe - Japanese import to Ireland 10 digit vin code .. :eek:so I am unable to use fast system on this ...
Also as this is not a euro model we don't have many models like this over here.. and the hard top is even rarer
While the reg plate says 92 I suspect this is a 1990 model

The motor came without a Distributor.
now heres the hard part .. knowing that the Carb version was not sold in the US,
The motor is a GA16DS with ecu. My issue is I suspect it is more akin to the one for the GA16DE but the connections do not marry

and the one for the carb only has extra connections that are not needed.

so my hope is that someone here has a similar motor or a Sentra is floating around with a similar Dizzy ..

any help at all is much appreciated.. all I really need is a part number to work with ..

not sure on US GA16DE dizzys but if you post up a picture of one will check it out .. need side view rather than front view

cheers in advance ..

if this is in the wrong forum .. apologies in advance ..

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well after cleaning it up a bit . .
the engine is infact the Japanese model of a 1.5 nx .. thats the ga15ds model
the dizzy for future reference is not compatible with the 1.6 carb or inj models..
part number is 22100-53y00
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