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I joined these forums like 6 years ago to whine about getting my current GA16DE installed by a mechanic in Plano. I didn't understand why the engine he installed wasn't the same year as my car and foolishly paid way too much for less-than-stellar work. I was completely ignorant when it came to cars.

Six years later I do most of my own work, and what I don't do, I can usually barter (beer) for. :)

Anyway, I think my timing guides melted due to radiator damage, which led to piston/ valve damage and now I'm looking for another GA16DE... or maybe an SR20 if the price is right. ;)

That said, I'm located in Ellis County and though I've got a mechanic for this project I'm also interested in finding another mechanic nearby to work on this vehicle in the future, as well as a 99 Isuzu Trooper.

Apologies if this wasn't the best place to post!
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