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The cam gears are the same, 91-94' / 95-99'

Wow! Intake lift vs. Exhaust lift. Very bad exhaust cam. :)

Intake: .342" valve lift - 208* duration @ .050"
Exhaust: .312" valve lift - 196* duration @ .050"

Lobe separation angle is 115.5* (static). It changes due to the variable cam timing during engine operation.
^That's not that bad, the intake can be more at times. It's like that on the 95-98 200sx SE-R's. That's why they buy the 91-93 SE-R intake cam to bump there HP's up 5-7.

I understood the change from the early 105 Hp GA to the 115 HP was all port and intake manifold. BUT I do not know for sure the Cams are the same, i have not seen any comments either way.
^You are right, the HP is different. I heard that the cam gears were the difference, but again, I'll have to look this info up.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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