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GA16DE and variable valve timing

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Does the GA16DE in a '98 Sentra have some kind of variable valve timing. My dad's b14 Sentra really surges at high revs in first gear. It feels like VTEC :rolleyes: but I'm wondering if Nissan had a similar system.
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The GA16DE has VTC(variable cam timing). It adjusts the intake cam timing continuously so you can't really feel it, but at 6600rpm you can feel when the VTC retards the intake cam, reducing power.
It is variable. As for the surge, I'm not sure, but I think I know what you mean. In my auto, when I drag launch from 1, it starts slow then at about 4000rpm or a little higher it pulls hard to redline. Maybe the VTC is "feelable" then...
I don't remember where I found it out, but do a search on your favorite search engine for ga16de and vtc and you'll get links that say it's true.
Double VANOS is their variable valve timing system, but their new system that doesn't use a throttle body is called valvetronic.
James said:
it's done through their valves tho, i don't know the details but the cams are on a little ramp and i think the entire camshaft moves so the lift changes depending on where on the ramp they sit...
You mean for the valvetronic right? I think that is how it works.
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