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GA16DE and variable valve timing

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Does the GA16DE in a '98 Sentra have some kind of variable valve timing. My dad's b14 Sentra really surges at high revs in first gear. It feels like VTEC :rolleyes: but I'm wondering if Nissan had a similar system.
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Nissan VVL

From what I know, Nissan has a "vtec-like" system called NEOVVL--- a Variable Valve Lift system. I am pretty sure this is not present on any USDM spec motors to date... but can be found overseas on the V-code motors (SR20VE, VET) and others (RB26DETT, RB25DET, etc). The new Z could have VVL.
James said:
BMW has it on both intake and exhaust cam shafts and they've been able to do away w/ the throttle body.

Would this be their "VANOS" system?
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