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GA16DE and variable valve timing

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Does the GA16DE in a '98 Sentra have some kind of variable valve timing. My dad's b14 Sentra really surges at high revs in first gear. It feels like VTEC :rolleyes: but I'm wondering if Nissan had a similar system.
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it has variable timing on the intake camshaft. that's why there is that lump on your valve cover on the left hand side.
200'side said:
There is something definitely feelable passing 6 grand. I dont know too much about internals (and I might get ridiculed for this) but I always thought it was the second cam kicking in or something. But its the Variable valve timing adjusting the intake cam? Ok.
W/ VTC you don't have the variable lift as w/ VTEC. (VVL has it tho). It adjusts the phase of the timing. Isn't the newer systems called CVTC? Well BMW and Ford also use this type of system... I think Toyota does too w/ their VVT-i and Hondas new VTEC systems also incorporate this technology...
BMW has it on both intake and exhaust cam shafts and they've been able to do away w/ the throttle body. ford only has it on their exhaust shaft for better emissions.
it's done through their valves tho, i don't know the details but the cams are on a little ramp and i think the entire camshaft moves so the lift changes depending on where on the ramp they sit...
barnoun said:

You mean for the valvetronic right? I think that is how it works.
yeah that's the one. it's pretty ingenious.
Teknokid said:
So does my my 96 GXE have this VTC that you guys speak of?? How is it that it is VTC but it means Variable Cam Timing
Variable Timing Camshaft... yeah you have it on your 96.
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