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Hello Everyone, Joined the forum in hope to find some definitive information.

I currently run a Nissan Micra in the UK Time Attack Series and i'm looking to increase the power. Currently running a CG13 with a Supercharger Kit, 123hp.

My original Goal was to source and install an SR16VE, And then turbo the engine up to 250hp. But getting silly prices of 2500-3000+ for the engine by the time it lands in my workshop.

So i started looking at the GA16 engine. the Micra runs a CG13 and i have a LSD Fitted, and im told the gearbox/ trans will bolt to a GA16 engine - So a bonus i can keep the LSD. The power goal is 250bhp using both a Supercharger and Turbo.

So, doing some reading. We got a 98-102bhp Version in the UK Depending on the year. But the US Market got a 115bhp Version with help from the NVCS which we didn't get.

I have a friend who can source me the NVCS cylinder head and to ship it over to me.

The Car will be on a full standalone ECU (EMU Classic) and we can control the NVCS solenoid with an auxiliary output if needed... My only concern with the NVCS head is it looks like a plastic rocker only, is there an Alu cover available?

My Question really, is the Effort worth it to fit the NVCS Cylinder head? We are boosting the engine anyway, would be benefit from the NVCS to reach our 250bhp goal?

Picture of said car for attention....
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