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GA16 and 4 speed automatic

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Anybody know if there is a 4 speed automatic that will bolt up to the GA16 engine?
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The same auto tranny that would come with the ga16. I have to wonder if that answers your question.
what year did they use a 4 speed automatic?

Mine is a 3 speed automatic. What year would be the 4 speed automatic?
'95-99 came with 4 speed auto trannies. If you have overdrive, you already have a 4 speed.
Can my three speed auto easily be replace by a B14 four speed auto? Can it be done at all, they are for the same engines
Trannys according to Haynes...

as listed in the Sentra 82-94 Haynes technical manual:

for auto transmissions
91-91 GA16DE engine:
DX model RL3F01A 3 speed
All except DX RL4F03V 4 speed

91-92 SR20DE
4 speed

93-94 all engines
4 speed.

P.S. i never knew the Sentra had a DX model. maybe its a typo and someone was thinking honda, when they meant to say "E"

and i'm sure any GA16 tranny would fit, no matter what year car if was from. at least it would make sence since the engine never really changed. i
'm wondering if the ECU would need to be changed due to the new gear?
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If your going to change trannys they i would go with a 5 speed. I have a 98 with a 4 speed auto and the damm thing SUCKS. I am changing mine to a 5 speed. All i need is a short shifter and a new flyweel and i will have everything to do so.I have a hard job ahead of me hahaha:D
So if i get a new ecu (maybe SE-R from 4 speed done up by JWT) then a four speed auto could replace my 1991 GA16DE three spd auto trans, is that correct, or am i way off
Is it difficult to change from auto to manual? What is required for the exchange?
SentraDragon said:
Is it difficult to change from auto to manual? What is required for the exchange?
There's been a couple of threads where they go in detail in what's needed to complete the swap. I've seen them here and at the forums.
I believe there is a guy on the SE-R forums named Camppain that has done that exact swap on a GA16. I had the same question and I emailed him and he sent me some moderately detailed instructions on what I would need to complete the swap. I can cc you the email if you'd like. Let me know.
I just did a 4speed auto to 5 speed manual swap. Do a search on B15sentra forums as well as this forum for more info about the install.

If you are dead set on the 4speed auto, I will sell you everything you need to complete that swap, it is just collecting dust in the corner of my garage. I'll let it go for real cheap too :)

about how much did the manual/auto cost ya, im really thinking about doing it.
Depends on how much you get the tranny for.

Most yards want ~$500 for a used 5 speed. I got mine for $175.

Then add ~$150 in junkyard parts; crossmember, clutch pedal, bracket, starter, linkage, shifter, bezel, boot, wiring harness, and misc hardware.

I paid $250 for an Act clutch and PP, and another $100 to have flywheel lightened and balanced. But, you could just get a cheap clutch for less than $100 and $10-20 to have you flywheel surfaced.

So, if you went completely bare bones and you could find a trans for that cheap, you could do it all for less than $450. But, could run up to well over $1000.

I did the labor myself, that woul be the biggest expense.

I am doing a complete restore of mine along with the swap. I am into it for over $2K. But, I am replacing EVERYTHING while I have it appart.

The swap is done, but the project is still underway. I may pull the trans again to install a Phantom Grip LS differential. I sure wish, i would have just had some patience and installed it before I got the 5 speed in for the swap.

I am currently working on the suspension.
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Have you driven it yet with the new tranny???does it feal factory?? im doing a swap on mine in about a week. I got my tranny and everything needed to change it for $200 at a You Pull It junk yard. Took me 4 hrs and 2 frends to get it all out of the old car but hay i saved alot of money.Im still going to buy the nessary stuff befor I put it in but thats all free.I just put my old tranny in the news papar and got $100 for it. :D
I wish I could do a swap but I'm gonna wait until I grab myself a bluebird engine and do the whole thing at once. whether I do the labor myself or through a garage depends on how experienced I think I am in like a year.
Manual and Auto differences

My mother has a '93 4-Speed auto and it is a decent pulling setup. I set out to find a college car and my parents bought me an '87 Sentra 4-Speed auto (which they are still regretting), but with a little patients I came into a '92 GXE with a 5-Speed and all the sports gear. After driving my mom's Sentra for months since I hated the '87 (me and that car didn't get along) I drove my GXE off the lot and I could immediately feel a difference. After getting used to driving a manual I could really get that car to fly. It just felt so much more responsive. The transmission has since gone sour, there was a grinding noise that progessively got worse after we changed the clutch, and now the transmission is pretty much locked in place. We did jar the tranny around a good much trying to get it off those alignment pins and back on them. We probably jarred what was loose even looser, but a new one is on it's way. I just drove my mother's Sentra on the way back home from having mine towed to the auto-shop on base and it just didn't feel the same. I love the 5-Speed and I would never go back to the auto tranny.
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