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I have owned Nissan previously but need some input with a purchase decision. Looking at 92-93' models and wanted to know if there are any issues with any particular parts. I know the motors are rock solid, but are the w/pumps,alternators,rads....

Any input is appreciated.

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If you owned Nissan's before and know the SR20DE is a rock solid engine, then you'd know that the mechanics, engine parts, etc. of a G20 are practically the same as any other Nissan powered by the SR20DE.

It will have the same exact issues that any Nissan has.

It is a rock solid car and if taken care of will easily see 200,000+ miles.

Go here for more:
Excellent resource for all SR20DE powered vehicles.

Excellent centralized location for many G20 and Primera owners. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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