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do you have an SE-L? B/c that's the only 99 B14 to come with an SR20. The G20 ECU will not work on a 1.6L, only the 2.0L. Also, Auto for Auto, manual for manual, make sure the ECU works for your drivetrain.

If you do have an SR20DE (M.T, for example), you can use a G20 M.T ECU.

The advantages are: no speed limiter, raised rev limit.

Also, the 98s and 99s are somewhat different from the other cars. Us lucky 99s have to rewire the rear O2 sensor and the EGR piping in order for a g20 or pre-98 ECU to work in our cars.

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Yeah i have a SR20DE, so what your saying is i dont have to order a JWT reprogramed ECU just yet. just swap over to a 95 G20 ECU for a cheap budget mod.
The articles that i read said that there is a little wire swapping involved,(dont have a problem with that part of it) what needs to be done to the EGR system or is it just a switch of hoses?
Can i use any G20 ECU or just certain years for the most bang for the buck,also when going with the 91 cams do i want to just use the intake or both for the acclaimed 7-10WHP increase.
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