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Thought I'd post this to help anyone who might be having a similar issue.

I have been having various electrical issues with my interior dome light/dash light (dome light won't turn on with door, but sometimes turns on after the door closes and then fades out, door lights work normally, oil temp/voltmeter backlights turn off when doors are opened, rear defog inop when door open.) These are the really wierd issues that nobody likes to troubleshoot-- they don't make sense!!! Anyway, I was poking around in my fusebox troubleshooting why my foglights don't work (fuse was blown, unrelated) and realized that I hadn't replaced the fuse to the horn (the fuse had been pulled because my three year old found it funny to honk the horn when daddy's ear was right next to it!!!!) I put the horn fuse in, and presto!!!!, all the interior issues "magically" went away. Immediately.

So, misc crap not working/ working intermittently in the inside-- check the horn fuse.

:confused: Go figure. :confused:
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