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Fusible link question

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In troubleshooting my problem with the car I pulled out a 30A fusible link from the bus next to the battery and lost it in the engine somewhere, don't you hate that! Anywho that particular fuse is not to be found anywhere, at least I can't find it! It is the one that goes to one of the fans and it has a clip on it that holds it in the bus. All the ones that I see in our automotive stores don't have the clip on them. Can anyone tell me where to find one? All assistance greatly appreciated.
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It is the 30A green one that it on the left side of the battery in the fuse block that goes to one of the radiator fans. The only thing written on it other than 30A is the number 7100.
Ok, how do we go about this because I am in NC. How much does it cost to ship a fuse?
Ok, I'll check them out tomorrow! I really appreciated it!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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