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CARiD is known as a place where you can get pretty much anything for minivans, SUVs, Trucks, sport cars, passenger cars and even RVs. However we don't forget about the young generation of the future drivers, who already started to explore the new world of fun on wheels.

Along with serious products like performance exhaust systems, body kits, or wheels for real cars we offer a product line for kids.

Many of successful mechanics, tuners and racers, share happy memories of their first minibikes or go carts with a smile on a face.

Razor is one of the coolest manufacturers of fun toys on wheels in America. They offer a wide range of scooters, electric go carts, trikes and minibikes for kids of all ages.
Check out the list of their products on the link below and see if there is something that would make your kid smile:
Razor Kick & Electric Scooters at

RAZOR® - Ground Force™ Drifter Electric Go Kart

See how it works on our YouTube channel

RAZOR® - PowerRider 360™ Drifting Trike

RAZOR® - Dirt Rocket™ Bike SX500

RAZOR® - Electric Trikke E2 Scooter

RAZOR® - Dirt Quad

Which one of these do you think is the most fun to ride?
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