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full exhaust vs. cat back

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Ok I've seen these 2 types come up alot in some threads, and i was wondering what is the difference between a Full Exhaust and a Cat Back Exhaust?

edit: i know its a stupid question but i don't alot about exhaust systems
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GA16DE Cat Removal

SanMarcosZfreak said:
oh i see, thank you for correcting me, i have no idea wat my stock diameter is, but if i do a new exhaust i'll do a full one from the headers back, cuz i want to get a new cat, for better emmissions and wat not, and also a slightly bigger pipe, and muffler for a nice deep tone
Hi, I own a 1997 Nissan Sentra 1.6 Auto and like to revitalise the car performance. I have been told to remove my Cat to get a few hp into the car. Can you share your experience whether this works especially on an automatic car?
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