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full exhaust vs. cat back

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Ok I've seen these 2 types come up alot in some threads, and i was wondering what is the difference between a Full Exhaust and a Cat Back Exhaust?

edit: i know its a stupid question but i don't alot about exhaust systems
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1.6pete said:
they are the same. you have a header (or turbo manifold) then a Cat. then the exhaust.
oh ok thanks for the info
knock_it_off_hudson said:
Ok, here's another stupid question: what does "Cat Back" mean? I gather that Cat is short for catalytic converter. Is it as simple as it sounds? Also what is the difference between a catback and say, a stock exhaust?
i would think (jsut guessing here), but from the name cat back, i would assume that it replaces either the cat and everything after it, or everything after the cat, any aftermarket exhaust it better then stock, hence why i want to upgrade, many reasons, one the newer catalytics are more efficent then a stock one, a bigger pipe helps the exhaust leave faster, reducing back pressure, but the main reason to replace the exhaust in a NA car would be for the sound, and slightly improved performance

edit: can someone correct me if i'm wrong?
1.6pete said:
no it dosent replace the cat. it goes from the flange directly behind the cat. all the way back.
header, flange, cat., flange, (this is where your cat. back goes)

edit: on NA cars bigger is not allways better, i have a ga16de, if i get over a 2in. diameter pipe i will lose alot of power in the low end. you need to figure out the correct size for the 300z. all cat backs are not better than stock, pace setter makes a cat back for my car at a 2.25in. diameter and i would lose alot of power in the low end so my car would be a super slug untill it hit maybe 4k rpm, and since i have an auto it would be even worse.
oh i see, thank you for correcting me, i have no idea wat my stock diameter is, but if i do a new exhaust i'll do a full one from the headers back, cuz i want to get a new cat, for better emmissions and wat not, and also a slightly bigger pipe, and muffler for a nice deep tone
unless you live in an area that doesn't have emissions rules, don't take out the cat, its the heart and soul of the emissions control system, you could change it for a high flowing cat. but i haven't done this yet so yeah...
haha nice, you should record you revving so we could hear that
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