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Newbie here with a question hoping someone in this forum can help.

I am helping a friend replace the fuel tank on his 2002 Sentra GXE. He disconnected all the hoses and dropped the tank without properly label all the hose connections. Two hoses are obvious as they have different sizes - filler neck (largest) and the mid-size (of the 5). However, there are 3 smaller hoses (same size) that he is confused and not sure which goes where. He neglected to properly label them and take a picture before he disassembled them. Appreciate if anyone here be able to provide a picture of the hose connections.

Additionally, anyone know if there is a proper way to dispose of the old fuel tank? A friend of his told him an experience (from many years ago) that when his company mechanic replaced a fuel tank, he washed the tank thoroughly and air dried it. However, something caused a spark and the tank had a flash burst (thankfully no injuries). Don’t want that to happen when he dispose of it.

Thanks in advance everyone!!!
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