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fuel gauge problem on 89 sentra

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yep....problem.... :wtf:'s a situation.....i'm drivin down the road.....fuel gauge reads 1/2........then at a stop or while drivin a minute'll drop in between 1/4 nd 1/2.......then a minute later it'll come back to 1/2.....nd it'll keep on doin that.....anyways...i guess the float in the gas tank is gunked up (i wouldn't kno how or why?)......or someting related to it.....anyways...oh yea.....nd when i start up the car......i may have what i THINK is 3/4 of the tank full.....but the needle on the gauge cluster takes like 2 minutes to stop rising.....too slow i think....anyways....any suggestions?.....
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mille-16i said:
Search the forum you will find many good threads on this matter. You may have a voltage regulator going bad that seems to be the biggie on the B12.
i agree, its about 40 bucks from the dealer or you can go to the jy and pay 10 or so for it and replace it again in about 6 months like me :rolleyes: . basically, pull the cluster and remove the silver box(black boxs with fins on some) and bolt back up the way u took it off. 30 minutes for most, good luck! :cheers:
no, sorry but if u do a search one of the threads i know for sure has pics. hint: only box on the back of the cluster :cool:
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