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Fuel filter for 92 sentra

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I was tuning my sentra and after replacing Rotor, Cap and plugs I proceeded to replace the fuel filter. After I did the car will not accelerate past Idle, as if not enough gas was flowing through it, I checked for bent lines (since I was working on a tight space) or any vacuum lines that might have come off but every thing appears to be fine. Does any body have any idea what might be wrong? Does it need to be bled? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
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Was it put on backwards? Not sure if that would cause blockage though. Or maybe you unhooked the tps by accident?
Throttle position sensor, it's in the vicinity of the fuel filter (well sort of, it's on the throttle body right where the rubber meets the metal) and who knows, maybe you brushed your hand on it and it came unplugged....but it's a long shot.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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