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Hi everyone,
I ran a Service Engine Soon diagnostic test and found it was a P0440 EVAP small leak. I looked under the tire at the EVAP system and took off the EVAP Valve and found it would slide up and down rather nicely. I check all the hoses and couldn't find any small leaks, but maybe their smaller than I can see. And I also bought a new gas cap from the Nissan dealership. I didn't clear the code after putting on the new gas cap because the SES light turned off when it got below 25 degrees. Well its getting warmer and turned on again. Just wondering if it would reset by itself since the light wasn't on(for around a month) Also, is there any way of checking to see if it is the charcoal canister? or would that be a different code? I'm guessing i'll have to replace all three lines that run from the charcoal canister? thanks for any help! this SES code is troublesome!

thanks for the help with the brakes, I had new pads put on and new rotors as well and believe it or not that was the problem. Now I can go highway speeds again!
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