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1slickser, nobody makes a rear STB for the B13 anymore that's why jp314 is making some. But you say cusco makes one? What's it look like? Where'd you see it for sale at? I'm buying jp314's though because I'm not spending $160.00 on a rear STB, and for what he wants for his it's not worth it to make my own. I could make one for next to nothing. In fact, a half sheet of tempered hardboard screwed in to fill the opening behind the backseat in a B13 would hold the rear geometry in place pretty well. Anyway, you should get in on the group buy on the ones jp314 is making for us. They're very well built. As for front STB's, I'm buying a $30 one from LIUSPEED, the only place it could really be cheap is on the mounting plates and if that's the case I can always weld a thicker plate to the bottoms. I wouldn't spend more than $70 shipped for one.
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