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96 Altima GXE - A few months back I was adding a distribution block for my car stereo. Unfortunately I was testing it without it being secured or with it's cover on and it was resting on the long thin silver metal tube that runs along the back of the engine compartment. As soon as I sent power through the distribution block it burnt a pin sized hole right through my freon line and all the freon shot out. I haven't used my ac since but summers coming up and Pleasanton gets hot as hell. My Questions are:

Can I just replace the line that has a hole in it, roughly what is my cost for the line, and is it something most people can do themselves. Also I had heard that since it's a small hole I can possibly solder it to reseal. Do I need a certain kind of freon?

Any help or recommendations are definitely appreciated!

- Q

ps. I had my transmission rebuilt about a month ago and it's running great. If you need tranny work done in the Bay Area I definitely recommend Dublin Transmission Specialists - not the cheapest shop, 2k, but 2 year parts AND labor warranty.
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