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So a very cooperative dealer finally coughed up free stuff to resurrect my '02, 2.5.
I changed out coolant and burped it in the late fall and pretty much ended up putting it in its grave. It had 0420? Cat Operating below threshold for around 15K and the coolant swap did it in.
I limped it halfway and towed the rest for 60 miles to a cooperative sounding tech and like magic he made it happen. The evidence was there, the code, residue in oil, bad cat. I got 5K worth of new car at 73K cause the cat is emission and emission is covered to 80K. I am grateful for sure.


It kind of hums now down the road now.
When I leave off the gas theres a backpressure sound like wuuh reving then leave off and huh. hard to explain. They said exhaust holes were apparent and I said Nah cause its not loud at all.
Could this be an exhaust sound/vibe? yes of course it is
IS it damaging to all the new good stuff?:newbie:
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