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The VG30E was out of an 89 or 90 Maxima.. 250k miles. broken timing belt, so all the valves are bent. motor is in pieces, but basically complete aside from missing injectors (removed them to swap onto replacement engine). Wear is so low on the bottom end you can still see the honing marks on the cylinder walls- even at 1/4 million miles!

the KA24DE was out of my '96 240SX. looks like the previous owner blew a head gasket on it and kept driving until it stopped. Timing chain is broken and the pistons in cyls 2 and 3 are only about 1/2 there- the rest is somewhere in the oil pan or something.

some pics scattered through this page:

Both engines are obviously core motors as they're in pieces.. most of them are scattered through a few boxes in the garage, but basically complete.
I just need the space back in my garage since I can't even work in here anymore.

If you want them come pick them up. one or both. Will not ship, will not deliver. bring a truck.
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