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i have an idea that would be fun as hell
over in our help section someone was asking about 13's for under a grand
im thinking about something way more fun
how about a 1000.00 street car shootout between TD,turbo-mopar,the honda guys, nissan guys, gm guys ford guys toyota, etc. format would run as follows:

fwd 4cyl cars only- any year allowed up to 1998
1000.00 total spending limit- including purchase price of car.
no donated parts- everything must be bought legitimately either off ebay, classified ads new etc.
tires( tread or slicks, no wider than 10 inches), brakes, ball joints, tie rods, suspension bushings do not count towards the spending limit- safety first
any modifications allowed, but car must be street legal- eg; functional lights turn signals, wipers ,instrumentation,glass windshield. emissions legality not required, open exhaust allowed.

if we can get several forums to agree to this, it would be a blast for everyone involved.
would also be dirt cheap- if each forum can get 100 people to chip in 10 bucks or 50 people to chip in 20 bucks it would be possible for everyone to play and not have a huge dent in their wallet.

call up the producers for pinks and have everyone show up for an all out type format- but the loser does lose the car , but winner does not win the car- they get put into a pool of cars to be auctioned off on ebay and the proceedes donated to charity

i think this is VERY doable, probably too late for this summer but like next spring?
might have to fine tune a few things like dollar amount and rules but it would make for a hell of an episode, doncha think? id pay 20 bucks to see that on TV....
i dont see a reason why it wouldnt be possible to have a 16 or 32 car field as there are many forums out there, and i think everyone would be game. the rules would need some fine tuning, like maybe up the dollar amount to 1500 or even 2000.00- i wanna see a whole bunch of clapped out 11-10 second cars fighting it out.
if we can get at least 16 forums on the wagon i think we have a show in the makings. plus with all the proceeds from ebay going to charity it will help to improve everybody's image in the public light. vote on this!!

i dont see a poll option on this forum, but use this thread to gain interest- ive posted on a few other forums, and have a bunch more to go.
so far everybody thinks this is a kick a** idea, especially because of the low budget limit. post away- i'll be back in a couple weeks to see how much interest there is here.

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won't happen. pinks isn't interested in 16 second cars that will break...

$3000 build limit might fly. that's still a fraction of the build cost to most of the vehicles that show up. the parts values on most of those cars runs in the $30000+ range. giving builders a 2.5% limit that includes the purchase price is unrealistic.

the basic principle is awesome, doing a charity racing event, but that's all that needs to be pitched at first. don't make it so restrictive.

better would be to pitch the idea of an event with a build cost restriction, with all the cars being donated to charity auction. then let the producers brainstorm.
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