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this is frustrating everything i am looking for i get nearly NO infos -_- i search this forums but no luck or wrong keywords i even search the friend FRIED my cluth by letting it slip and thinking that you push more gas it will engaged well he floored it ... surprised my engeine didnt blow up now i am smelling my clucth all the time and i cant push my gas pedal pass halfway without it slipping and im already in thrid gear going 50mph.....

i was planning to replace the whole thing with a light flywheel high performance cluth kit ( depending on the preformance to $ ratio )...

and i came across a few flywheels that are stated for

1988-2000 nissan sentra 2.0L
1995-1998 nissan 200sx 2.0L

i was woundering if the flywheels are the same for a 1.6L or is there a diffrent that it wont work... i found a nice cluth set allready....

I have a b14 sentra E ga16de 96

since i am doing this my self (done it befor allready on same car)
any ideas tip or help will be greatly appreciated i learned the hardway i needed to drain my tran oil i took a bath in that horrible smelling stuff ill look for this gide that someone mention in the forum about replaceing the cluth ill find it later right now need to find out what parts are comaptiable
thank you Ron

forgot to mention how many gear dose my flywheel have ? 108 - 109 ? im going to find out but knowing my luck i never get the info or the correct one thxs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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