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Fitting 32" tires...

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Hey guys.. I want to try a set of 265/75-16 Nitto Terra Grapplers on my 98 Pathfinder. My last tires were Interco Trxus M/T 31/10.50-15, I liked them but they were a bit on the noisy side for road trips. Currently I'm running the SE 15x7" wheels with a tiny bit of lift.. 1" with rubber spring spacers (it's half ass I know, I want to get 2" lift springs).

Anyways, I think the 32" tires should work with a wheel with a little less backspacing correct?

one option is if I can find a vehicle with stock wheels that will fit that would have had less backspacing (I've heard 97 Land Cruser or 4 runners). then I would order OEM steels and slap them on my pathy..

the other option is just get an aftermarket wheel.. I found these, Pro Comp Steels series 97 part no 97-6783 (Series 97 Steel Wheels)

16x7 in 6X5.5 pattern with 4" backspace.. does anyone know if that would give me enough clearance from the strut towers to fit? I don't see any info on the center bore of that wheel either.. they also come in 16x8 with 4.25" backspace.

Any input appreciated!!

EDIT--- from what I gather the OEM pathy wheel is 20 or 25 positive offset...? that's about 5" backspacing. so a 4" backspace is more like a 0 offset wheel.. giving me 20-25mm of clearance? so I gather either of the pro comp wheels should work??
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just buy wheel adapters and save the money on new wheels...Get a set for a yota pickup since ours are rarer and more expensive...of course the 16" tire size wont work on a 15" rim.
yeah I may end up doing something like that if I can't find wheels for a decent price.. I actually work for a VW/Audi repair shop and one of our suppliers sells Pro Comp tires so monday I'm going to see if I can get those wheels and what kind of price they are.. may be cheaper for me to get the proper wheel rather than just an adapter.. we'll see..

thanks for the idea though
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