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first time driving my pathy in the snow

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i have a 97 pathy LE 2x4 and it snowed in southern california (palmdale) foir the frist time in about 4 years and my pathy did amazing! the LSD helped alot and i felt safe the whole time.

here are some pics of my pathy and my moms car. enjoy =]

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i can tell that, if there is ice on road only rear wheel drive is great problem. you may want to use dedicated winter tires as all rear wheel drive cars should have to use. Blizzaks are very very soft and suitable for RWD SUVs. These Bridgestone tires can be sold with another name in States. I am not sure.

I cant move my car on AT allweather tires when there is ice on road. it strats to spin tires even it is idling. So 4 wd is required.
well were i live it hardly ever snow. this was the first time in 4 years. and rear wheel drive is better then frnt wheel drive right in the snow right?
traction is the answer. if your tires have grip on icy surface, front or rear wheel drive make any sense. i am used to drive on snow due to harsh winter conditions, but pathfinder cant have enough grip when there are hills to climb with AT tires i always need to engage 4wd to climb a hill. In general if tires are ok for road conditions fwd cars are easier to direct. but rwd is fun to drive. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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