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wo0t w0ot! i was just coming from a hockey game, stopping at a stoplight minding my own business, when i see thhis civic withs his xenon headlights in my rear. he switches to the lane next to me. revs, i look over, BIG fat guy... hehehe (no offense to the fat people) only thing i could notice was his muffler or exhaust wutever he had i could tell from the sound coming from his fart cannon. maybe intake nohting else looked pretty bad. Type r stickers powered by honda shoulder pads... the usual wanna be's. this was off one glance then i looked at the light, still red. I hear the foo rev even louder, i guess expeting me to answer his "sex call" lol i didn't rev back cuz i'm running bone stock so it wouldn't sound nice a stock 240sx revving. So the light turns green and we gun it. 1st gear i have a good lead i shift to 2nd and i got about 1 car length. 3rd i was long gone... i'm goin about 85 when i decide to slow down, then wut do u see in my rear view, the wanna be shitvic trying to pull a flyby, not on this guy.. so i downshift to 3rd gaining more and more space bewteen us beofre he decides to stop. lol i'm thinking he was running an automatic... or maybe it was him weighing the car down hehehe. as i was making my turn he goes past me i look at the back and i see a red type r badge *sigh* and an hx... lol HX seems to have been a 92 hx i'm not sure around that model... wut do those suckas run 92 hp? heheh well first race and i probably won't be racing anymore yet. not against anyone out of my class, that is until i swap with an sr20det in a few months :) well thats it.
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