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First Post in NW forum / Import Life 2

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Yeah! For all time I will be remembered as having the first post in the NW forum!

The show is going to rip it up!
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Import Life Episode 2
Portland Convention Center
May 04 from 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Check out for more details.

Hope you can make it!
Day after tomorrow, homedawgz! Hope to see you all there!
Hey, I'm thinking about showing up for when you guys roll in tomorrow. I don't have anything to do on Friday except wash the car, so I might come harass you guys.
Sweet! I'll see you tomorrow if I can make it!
It's $14 if you get the ticket in advance - Stereo King is the only place (other than online) that I know of that sells tickets. They're $16 at the door.
I had an absolute blast hanging out with NWNS on Friday and Saturday. The show ripped it up, although the DJs got on my nerves a little. Congrads to Sean and Jamie for winning Best Nissan!

My pictures from the show are here: .

BTW: PhattyB13, the guy that yelled "Hey ho!" at you when you were pulling onto MLKJ was me :D !
Hey, I got the message you left on my voicemail, but by the time I recieved it, it was well into the evening, so I figured it was a little late to give you directions to the park. I hope you found your way to the BBQ okay.
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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