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First Post in NW forum / Import Life 2

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Yeah! For all time I will be remembered as having the first post in the NW forum!

The show is going to rip it up!
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I'm registered for the show!
See you all there...
Um, I'll be there tomorrow!
We should be rolling into Portland around noon/1:00PM ish.
I'll shoot you a PM with my cell #
I won a trophy, I won a trophy!

I'm not very humble, am I?! :D
Well, three cars out of seven is not bad. We have taken homw two trophies out of two shows this year. Matt won 4 th place 4 door mild at HIN, and I won Best Nissan at Import Life 2.
A couple of our cars are built for race, so they only show at local events.
Thanks for the props. I was so surprised when they said we won.

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Those pics of Jarred and I siphoning (sp?) gas is pretty funny!
yea, we found it. We were all very tired, so we only stayed a few minutes.
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