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First pics of Max 4th Gen Quad HID Reflector R34 headlights

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With a faster car, requires better lighting. So this is what I came up with:

- Aftermarket R34 headlights in full chrome
- FX bi-xenon projectors mounted on the outside for high and low beams with clear lenses and color mods
- TSX low beam projectors mounted on the inner side that stay on with the low and high beams

HID ILLUSIONZ [new york city]: Nissan Maxima R34 HID Quad Projector Setup Retrofit Headlights

I am using a separate 9004 to bi-xenon harness per side and 4 D2S slim ballast HID kits (from Liuspeed). They should be on the car in about 2 weeks.

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So are all 4 projectors going to be on for low beams?
Yes. It will be very bright. All 4 will also be on when I turn the high beams on. The only thing the high beam switch will do is open the shutters on the FX projectors. The harnesses I am using have 3 relays: 1 to switch on the low beam lights, 1 to keep the lights on in high beam and 1 to open the shutters.
I was just wondering. Im assuming because of the FMIC that you dont have fog lights. Legally I dont think you can have more than 4 foward facing lights on on the car.
So when do you project this being finished?
I don't have fog lights. I do have driving lights. I have a pair of CATZ MSP driving lights in the outer sides of the center opening in front.

Here are the laws for the state of Texas:

1. You must have at least 2 forward facing headlights, at least 1 per side
2. There is no restriction on the number of forward facing headlights
3. Auxillery lighting is not restricted

There are a lot of cars that have quad beams from the the factory, including BMWs, Jags and older GM cars. If you buy a Mini Cooper, you can order it with a factory installed grill mounted auxillery headlght kit with 2 or 4 additional lights. There is also not a restiction having a low beam light on in combination with a high beam. My 996 headlights have a halogen low beam that turns on whenever the high beams are activated and the bi-xenon shutters open. On the other hand, it is illegal to operate an automobile in the state of Texas with less than 2 operating headlights. It is also illegal in most populated cities to operate high-beams within city limits.
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Can't wait to see them installed and on your max...:)...they look great.
Looks pretty good, if I was going to keep the Pad for the long run, I would rock it.
very nice ! sorry that my guy couldnt do it but it turned out very well
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