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Hey everyone! I am a 17 year old who knows next to NOTHING about cars. About 2 months ago my cousin lets me know his cousin (my cousin too I guess) is selling her 1994 Altima for $350. Ive bene looking for a cheap car for a while now. I go look at the car and it looks very good for a $350 car. Started up good, ran good, sounded good. I complain about the interior and a few exterior problems and she drops it to $200.

Ive had the car for 1 month now and it runs like a $3000 car. Changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. Car runs flawlessly right now. I know somebody who'll paint my car for free or for very cheap but dont know what color I want yet.

I'll be needing tons of help so, Im going to go post now! Nice to meet you guys.
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