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finding markings on t-case

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hey guys, i'm new here and seem to see there is alot of valuable info on here.
what i'm dealing with is a 1986.5 nissan 4x4 pickup. (thats the hard body version b/c of the half year) i want to know where i find the markings on my t-case such as DTS215-1 or TX10. i'm looking to swap out t-cases in another nissan truck thats a 95 i belive... and all i could find is that a 1969-1997 t-case is the same. but i just don't know where to look for numbers or such to make sure mine is the same... any help is greatly appreciated. thanx
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nice, yea the schematic i found online said the same thing. i'll have to find out about the 4 and 6 cyl though, b/c mine is the 6 cyl and the other is a 4. either way i'm stripping the entire truck and sending out the frame and cab out to be crushed...
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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