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FF road racing question

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just wondering what is the best was for FF cars to drift, i heard people saying pull hand brake, but i tried and didnt work. the only way i do it and kindda work is to drive very fast on turn and make it kindda under steer and try to save it but it works like 1.:10 times
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Yeah, trail braking will bring the back end around a little bit more. Start turning in and tap the brakes to shift the weight of the car up front to lighten the back, and it should come around. Get a really thick rear anti sway bar too.
w1thstyle said:
some people said drifting would make u go slower, and some people said it helps ur time. did anyone of yall tried timing urself between making fast turn and actually drift thu the turns? which was faster?
It will make you go slower. The fastest laps are often the slowest looking ones to spectators because there is no smoke or screeching tires, just smooth proper racing lines.
w1thstyle said:
o? but if its slower then why would people waste their time to learn how to drift? or is it like it slows u down in autoX but fast in road racing????
Style points? Just for the fun of it? Who knows? In rally racing drifting in those psycho AWD turdbo beasts is very helpful, and probably makes them faster.
There's a little red and white book you can get, The secrets of Solo racing. It's a good read. It talks mainly about solo track racing and autocross.
w1thstyle said:

is it possible u can find out the name of that book? i m very interested in reading that. and hey thankz barnoun! that webby helps a lot too!
That is the name. "The Secrets Of Solo Racing"
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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