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FF road racing question

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just wondering what is the best was for FF cars to drift, i heard people saying pull hand brake, but i tried and didnt work. the only way i do it and kindda work is to drive very fast on turn and make it kindda under steer and try to save it but it works like 1.:10 times
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some people said drifting would make u go slower, and some people said it helps ur time. did anyone of yall tried timing urself between making fast turn and actually drift thu the turns? which was faster?
o? but if its slower then why would people waste their time to learn how to drift? or is it like it slows u down in autoX but fast in road racing????
yea man i have to say that drifting does look very cool, but nah if it not gonna make it fast den forget it... i will just practice my turns more... why waste time n money on something that wont make u go fast right?
Adam said:
There's a little red and white book you can get, The secrets of Solo racing. It's a good read. It talks mainly about solo track racing and autocross.
is it possible u can find out the name of that book? i m very interested in reading that. and hey thankz barnoun! that webby helps a lot too!
Lime Creek

Me and my friend drove all the way to austin to this place call Lime Creek today (i think thats the name). My friend was driving his sentra and i was driving my civic hatchback (well its my little brothers car actually.. i dont feel like driving the prelude becuz i dont have enough suspension work done to it) anyways that place is a super good place if u want to do a few road racing. but if u never do things like that b4 i suggest u go to autoX first. that place is like a 1 way road, with car coming from opporsite side, if you spin out u are pretty much fuAked because you would either fly into the lake or u fly into the wood. anyways when i first get there i was like SHIT! becuz its a mountain road, something you cant find in houston. The road goes up and down and then suddenly a big 360 turns and i almost fly out couple times. good thing my friend was in front of me so i can couple his moves and know when to stop. anyways i think i learn a lot today. learn how to handle turns better, know when to go and when to stop. its a pretty cool exp, just wanna share.
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