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Fast auto GA16DE. Possible?

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What up? I know this may be similar to a somewhat recent post, but i feel like i am asking somewhat of a different question. Is it possible to make an Auto GA16 fast?
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I have to agree that "automatics=crap" but... I havent been on this forum very long, but one thing that i have definitely noticed is that no one shows any regard for the GA16DE. Kind of confusing to me...I havent had any problems with the GA16 in my 200sx...sure its a little weak i guess, but i only paid $2600 for the car. It accelerates well and drives out smooth, and from what ive seen its pretty easy to get all the basic bolt-ons and a good many more indepth mods for it...

Isn't there anybody to prop the GA?
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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