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wildmane said:
Yeah, from what I've read on these forums the manual transmission for the GA16DE is the best base to build a "fast" sentra on. For an Auto, and for what I'm gonna do, the best things you could do without messing around too much would be weight reduction and some bolt on stuff like a CAI and an exhaust system.
These automatics are FRAGILE. I agree, the best place to start on our engine is a five speed. An unbuilt automatic is going to go out very quick with turbo, NOS, or both. People have gotten performance torque converters, and I am surprised that no one has brought up Level 10 here. You can build an automatic to shift quicker than a 5-speed and shift at higher RPMs, and thats a big help on a straight run if thats all you want it for. As for all around performance and CONTROL, 5-speed is just better. But hey, work with what you got, just be easy on the GA16's auto tranny.
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