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Fast auto GA16DE. Possible?

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What up? I know this may be similar to a somewhat recent post, but i feel like i am asking somewhat of a different question. Is it possible to make an Auto GA16 fast?
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b14_200sx said:
I have to agree that "automatics=crap" but... I havent been on this forum very long, but one thing that i have definitely noticed is that no one shows any regard for the GA16DE. Kind of confusing to me...I havent had any problems with the GA16 in my 200sx...sure its a little weak i guess, but i only paid $2600 for the car. It accelerates well and drives out smooth, and from what ive seen its pretty easy to get all the basic bolt-ons and a good many more indepth mods for it...

Isn't there anybody to prop the GA?
Sad to say, but the only way the GA seems to get props is when its boosted. This mainly has to do with the fact that its potential is just recently being explored, unlike its brother the SR20- which has 'years' of potential under its belt. Currently the limit on the GA is 250HP (And that was on the NPM car). As more R&D continues, I'm sure that limit will be broken.

A general rule of thumb that I've seen on this board and many others like it is this:

if you want to make big power, you'll be told to swap in the turbo equivalent. In this case here, it would be the SR20 variants- if you have the budget. If not, boosting the GA isn't a bad alternative.
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